Agency Policy


  • Readiness to share profits with Distributors, share opportunities, share business benefits, and accompany Distributors in the long term and sustainably.
  • Concern for and support of Distributors, as well as cooperative support to enhance the close relationship between Distributors and Distributors, Manufacturers.
  • Maximizing protection for Distributors against market fluctuations.
  • Protecting customers for Distributors, ensuring fairness throughout the distribution system.
  • Expanding the market and distribution channels with Distributors.


Registering as a Distributor at Daphahome is simple with straightforward procedures and regulations: Distributors must meet the financial, experience, and necessary skills requirements to become a distributor of the company.

Distributors can contact the Hotline at 0909309095 for advice on conditions and policies for Distributors.


Based on the committed quarterly sales volume, Distributors will participate in a discount program on the sales volume exclusively for distributors. When the committed sales volume is achieved, Distributors will enjoy the agreed-upon discount rate from the beginning of the quarter. This DISCOUNT policy is independent and conducted in parallel with other support or business promotion programs from Manufacturers/Distributors for Distributors.


3.1 Purchase price:

Based on the purchasing results and other cooperative commitments, Distributors will enjoy the pricing policy for distributor levels accordingly. The pricing policy is designed to ensure competitiveness and maximum profitability for Distributors in the market. In the event that Manufacturers/Distributors reduce the selling price, Distributors are price-protected for the same type of goods with the exact quantity and SKU in the Distributor’s inventory, verified within 30 days from the date of the price reduction notice. In the event that Manufacturers/Distributors increase the selling price, Distributors will be notified at least 45 and up to a maximum of 60 days in advance to adjust the import policy accordingly.

3.2 Customer protection for Distributors:

Distributors are encouraged to expand the market to increase the number of customers and become exclusive major Distributors in planned areas within the system. Distributors are provided with a Distributor code, which Distributors will provide to their customers. When Distributors’ customers contact Distributors directly, the Distributors will request the code. If the customer’s code belongs to a specific distributor, the Distributor will be transferred back to that Distributor by the Distributor. In the case of retail customers contacting Distributors directly, the Distributor will be introduced to the Distributor’s area of residence.

Distributors are protected in new locations for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months by Manufacturers/Distributors throughout the distribution channel.


4.1 Principle contract:

After both parties sign the principle contract, Distributors will be included in the preferential list of the Distributor and enjoy the policies for distributors provided by the Distributor.

4.2 Accounts payable for purchases:

Distributors must make a 100% payment before delivery. Based on the cooperation results and payment history, Distributors will enjoy better credit and accounts payable policies. In the case where Distributors establish a one-year bank guarantee with an amount depending on the business needs and financial capacity of the distributor, based on that, Distributors will enjoy a credit limit from 40% to 70% with a maximum accounts payable period of 30 days.


5.1 PR-Marketing Support:

Authorized dealers are supported with catalogs, leaflets, banners, and other promotional materials according to the programs of the Distributor and Daphahome. Information about authorized dealers will be advertised alongside the distributor on various public media channels and the website.

Authorized dealers participate in all promotional programs and sales incentives offered by the Manufacturer/Distributor.

Authorized dealers are issued a certificate as official dealers of the Manufacturer and Distributor.

Authorized dealers receive updates on pricing, product information, company policies, marketing programs, and sales promotion materials from the Manufacturer and Distributor.

5.2 Technical Support and Solutions:

Authorized dealers receive technical support over the phone and on-site support when requested or in cases where the issue goes beyond their capabilities, the Manufacturer’s Technical team provides assistance and takes charge.

Authorized dealers are trained and educated according to the corresponding Dealer level for each product line, technology, and sales knowledge, as per the Manufacturer’s/Distributor’s program when available.

When participating in bidding and projects, authorized dealers are provided with advice and technical support regarding solutions, if requested, by the Manufacturer/Distributor.

5.3 Support for Goods:

Product Exchange: Within 20 days from the invoice date, authorized dealers can exchange products if the issue is determined to be a manufacturing defect. In cases where there are no replacement products available, the Distributor will provide maximum support to the authorized dealer in resolving the issue in the best possible way.

Product Return: In cases where the goods and prices do not match the purchase agreement, authorized dealers have the right to return the goods to the Distributor. The return process must be completed within 20 days from the invoice date, along with signing a delivery receipt.

Sample Display and Testing: Authorized dealers are allowed to borrow sample display and testing products for newly launched product lines or when the dealer opens a new business location. Please contact the Distributor directly in advance if the dealer has such a need.

Goods Transportation: Dealers are fully supported with the transportation costs of Sun’soil products directly delivered to their sales locations. At the same time, dealers are responsible for ensuring the quality of goods during transportation from the Distributor’s warehouse to the designated delivery point.


  • Authorized dealers are responsible for managing their registered territory with the Distributor, expanding their customer base, and developing the market.
  • They should proactively build a strong sales network for their products through healthy and professional activities.
  • Dealers opening new branches at new locations will receive maximum support from the Manufacturer/Distributor and will be fully protected within the entire system, following the principle of “First come, first served.”
  • Dealers should develop their own expansion plans and inform the Manufacturer/Distributor of the desired development locations to ensure protection within the system and prevent unhealthy competition among dealers.
  • Dealers should autonomously plan their business operations, customer development, and product outreach to consumers in their assigned territories or at newly registered development locations protected by the Manufacturer/Distributor.
  • If a dealer fails to implement their plans within 3-6 months after registering for protection with the Manufacturer/Distributor, the protection rights will be transferred to the next registered dealer.
  • In order to expand the market, the Distributor will have a network expansion plan and will independently organize and notify nearby dealers of the planned location. Alternatively, the information may be announced on the official website.
  • Dealers have the right to register and participate with the Distributor in expanding their own network at that location, following the “First come, first served” principle mentioned earlier.
  • Dealers are supported by the Manufacturer/Distributor during promotional and advertising campaigns taking place at their business premises.
  • They should not sell products of unclear origin. Exclusive distributors should not sell similar products from other brands.
  • The end customer pricing should be equivalent to the suggested retail price provided by the Distributor, ensuring there is no undercutting.