Return Policy

To provide convenience and the best experience for customers, Daphahome has appropriate policies for product returns and exchanges. We always strive to offer customers the best products and quality of service.

Product returns and exchanges are something that Daphahome does not desire, as they inconvenience both the customers and Daphahome. That is why we always make an effort to provide the best and most suitable products for our valued customers.

In order to facilitate product returns and exchanges, Daphahome has specific accompanying guidelines. Please refer to the detailed information below:

Conditions for product exchanges:

  • The product does not match the color, design, or size as specified in the order.
  • Technical defects caused by the manufacturer.
  • The exchanged product must be new, intact, without any tears or cracks, and without signs of washing or usage.
  • The product must have all the tags, labels, warranty cards, and purchase invoices.
  • The product for exchange must still be within the allowed return period.
  • Applicable to products purchased online (via the website, Facebook) and directly at Daphahome showrooms or authorized Daphahome retailers. We do not provide support for orders purchased from other locations.
  • Not applicable to products in promotional programs.

Timeframe for product exchanges:

The timeframe for product exchanges is 10 days for customers who purchase online and 5 days for customers who purchase directly from the store, counting from the day the customer receives the product.

If the specified timeframe is exceeded, we will not accept any product returns or exchanges for any reason.

Timeframe for processing product returns for customers:

For customers who purchase online: Upon receiving the exchanged product, we will evaluate the product and inform the customer of the results and the proposed solution for the return/exchange within 3 to 5 days.

For customers who purchase directly from the store: Customers should bring the product that needs to be exchanged directly to the store stated on the receipt. The store staff will inspect the product’s condition and provide immediate assistance at the store. The store staff will provide specific advice for customers to choose the best solution.

Methods of product exchange:

Each product can only be exchanged once.

Please visit the Daphahome store specified on the purchase invoice for direct exchanges. For customers located far away from Daphahome’s retail points, please call the hotline at 0909309095 or 0888182838 or send a request to the email address After receiving a confirmation email accepting the request from Daphahome, please package the product with all accessories, the invoice, warranty papers, etc., and send it to the following address: 125 Vo Minh Duc, Phu Tho Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province.

Refund methods:

If customers wish to exchange for a higher-priced product, they will need to pay the price difference. If the new product is of lower value, no refund for the price difference will be provided.

For online customers:

Daphahome will cover 50% of the shipping fee for customers if the exchanged product meets all the conditions stated in Section 1 (conditions for product returns/exchanges).

If the customer has made an online payment for the initial product, they will need to make an additional payment for the price difference of the exchanged product (if applicable) via bank transfer.

The new product should be received within a maximum of 7 days from the day Daphahome receives the product for exchange.

For customers who purchase directly from the store:

If the product is not defective but the customer still requests an exchange, a 10% fee will be charged based on the total payment amount stated on the invoice.

If the customer has made a payment for the initial product, they will need to make an additional payment for the price difference of the exchanged product (if applicable) in cash.

Note: Daphahome encourages customers to take photos of the products before exchanging them. Keeping the products will serve as evidence if any issues arise during the return/exchange process.